Full Program

You’re not on campus anymore: Navigating the Transition

Preparation for:

  • Internships
  • Graduate and professional school interviews
  • First job interviews… and beyond
  • Telephone interviews
  • Skype interviews

Program includes:

Evaluation of online presence – The internet and social media present opportunities as well as potential pitfalls for today’s job seeker. It is essential to periodically assess your electronic profile and advantageous to utilize online platforms.

Personal presentation skills – Small details distinguish candidates; be sure you stand out for the right reasons!

Business emails and phone conversationsUse of proper salutation, format and tone. Each business email has a purpose. And do you REALLY know how to answer the phone?

Interview day wardrobe selection – Dress codes vary by industry and nothing feels worse than discovering you got it wrong when you walk through the door.

Last minute trouble-shooting – You did everything you could but there’s a last minute glitch- how to handle and not melt down.

Mock interview and feedback – A dry run; you’ll be glad you did.

Post -interview follow-up – Are you interested in the role and are they interested in you? What comes next and when.


  • How to construct your opening introduction . You will use it at every interview!
  • What pre-interview research you MUST do
  • What to carry with you on interview day- and what to leave behind
  • How to control your interview
  • How to highlight accomplishments and address vulnerabilities
  • How the second interview is different from the first
  • How to be certain your references are the best they can be
  • How to accept, negotiate or decline an offer

Ilene, I wanted to thank you and tell you how lucky I feel to have been given your name by my friend. The process of my son finding a summer internship while away at school was a daunting process at best. Not only did you help him with his résumé, cover letter, and resources to explore to find job openings, but the fact that he was able to Skype with you and hone his interview skills enabled him to get a fantastic marketing internship in New York this summer.
— A.F.