“Ilene, I wanted to thank you and tell you how lucky I feel to have been given your name by my friend. The process of my son finding a summer internship while away at school was a daunting process at best. Not only did you help him with his résumé, cover letter, and resources to explore to find job openings, but the fact that he was able to Skype with you and hone his interview skills enabled him to get a fantastic marketing internship in New York this summer. Even more importantly, you constantly keeping me in the loop with email updates and your supportive words when we both felt discouraged was so reassuring. As I mentioned, we will be contacting you in the fall to update his résumé and freshen up his interview skills before he graduates next year. Again, we are so grateful for all you’ve done and that we have you as a resource in the future.“


“When I first started interviewing, I was a nervous wreck. I panicked before interviews, lacked confidence and stumbled over frequently asked questions. Since I started working with Ilene, I have had a complete transformation.. Ilene was with me every step of the way, always making time for me before and after each interview and following up with, “good luck” and “how’d it go?” messages. When I finished interviewing season, I was getting callbacks from every interview that I had and received 3 solid job offers. I couldn’t be happier with my results. Thanks, Ilene!“

—L.K., Westport, CT

“My experience working with Ilene was exceptional I was initially overwhelmed by the number of sample questions I found online for graduate school interviews and not sure how to begin my preparation. During our first conversation Ilene immediately put me at ease. She talked me through the process, gave me things to think about and provided tips to make my preparation go smoothly. She took the time to find sample questions and helpful hints that would be specifically relevant to veterinary school interviews. We spoke one night a week leading up to my interviews which provided me the time I needed to prepare, but also allowed me to receive timely feedback from her. Ilene made my interview preparation experience easier and more productive. As a result of her support, I felt confident going into each of my interviews. I am happy to say that our hard work paid off and I will be attending vet school in the fall. Thank you Ilene, for helping to make my dream come true!”

—Sarah, Lenox, MA

“This past summer I lost my job, and I felt completely lost. With no prospects, or even a solid direction to speak of, I turned to Ilene. She immediately helped me formulate a plan and execute it. She helped not only to prepare me for each interview, but gave me follow up advice afterwards, and even provided insights from the perspective of a hiring manager that would never have occurred to me. She was always available to answer any last minute questions I had and make sure I felt confident going into each interview. With her help I was able to find not only a new job, but a career in which I feel confident that I will thrive. If for whatever reason I find myself searching for a job again, Ilene will definitely be my first call!“

—Zack, New York, NY

“My daughter and I are both grateful to you for your help in preparing her for the interview. She felt confident, well-prepared and that she did the very best that she could do. You were wonderful to work with from both of our perspectives. My daughter felt very comfortable calling or texting you for last minute advice which was wonderful to see. I already gave your name to a friend of mine!”

—S. R., Westport, CT

“I am loving my job in sports production right now. I am gaining more knowledge and experience in video editing, music and special effects than I even imagined! My assignments are always exciting and my co-workers are the best. Thank you so much for helping me get here!”

—M. D. New York, NY