Who better to ask than your supervisor for useful insight regarding the  internship description you will add to your resume at the close of your experience?

Do not overlook this valuable resource! Once you have  prepared a draft describing the highlights of your role and responsibilities as well as your contributions, ask your supervisor if he/she would review your summary. Inquire whether the draft reflects a complete and accurate overview of your role.  You may discover that your efforts had an impact on a project that you had not recognized or  you may receive suggestions for expanding or focusing your description.

Soliciting your supervisor’s feedback will be productive in three ways:

  •  You will confirm that you have included all relevant information in an accurate summary.
  •   You will  convey respect to your supervisor by soliciting  approval before you circulate your version of the internship experience.
  •  You will ensure that he/she is aware of  the skills and projects you have highlighted  so that a  compatible reference can be provided for you in the future.

Begin this process before the final week of your internship and be sure to convey appreciation for both time and assistance offered.





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